If you have children, you understand their need to play. After all, you were a child once. According to The Genius of Play, your children will begin learning about the real world by pretending through play. So it’s important to give your children the space they need to grow and develop with other children. You can do so by making use of one of the many shipping containers available.

1. They’re in Abundance

Shipping containers are at a surplus for people to use. Of the 17 million in the world, only 8 million of them are being used. So that leaves about 11 million shipping containers for homeowners, businesses, governments, etc. to use. While more people are using shipping containers to house the homeless or for alternative housing, it’s also an ideal addition to an existing single-family home. So why not use it as your child’s external playroom?

2. Storage Is Easy

Do your children have lots of toys? Is it getting hard to store all of your children’s toys and playthings in their bedroom? That’s where a large shipping container can come in. The shipping container can double as a spacious playroom and storage facility for all of your child’s playthings. So say goodbye to the clutter in your home, the basement, or your child’s bedroom when it comes to toys, stuffed animals, and train sets.

3. Home Is Protected

According to Jobber, over 60% of landscaping customers are single-family residential owners, and they likely have the space to fit a container in their yard. Like many homeowners, you take pride in your home. You love seeing clean floors, clean walls, and glasses that aren’t broken. While children may not be malicious, they can inadvertently end up tearing your house up during playtime. With a shipping container, you can easily send your child outside to their designated playroom and protect your home from harm. Say goodbye to crayon marks all over your beautiful painted walls. No more tripping over toys and blocks on your floors in the living room. In other words, while you’re beautiful children are growing up, your home can feel like the home you meant it to be, and not like an extended playpen.

4. Secure Playspace

Another benefit of a shipping container play space is it’s a secure spot for your child to be in. You can invite the neighbor’s kids over or some family members and let your children have fun freely within the secure space. In other words, you can think of the shipping container as a modern-day metal version of a tree house. Like any other space on your property, you can have further protection by installing a monitoring camera within a shipping container room as well.

5. It Can Adjust With Age

While it may be hard to contemplate now, one day your babies will grow up. At some point, they will outgrow their beautiful playroom and put away those toys for good. That doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your shipping container. As they develop into adolescents and older teens, they could still make use of their shipping container as an entertainment room, study space, or teen room. If your growing child develops a hobby like painting, music, or woodwork that can also be their de facto hobby space.

As a parent, you want to make sure your children are happy and have the space to develop freely. Luckily, the surplus of shipping containers allows you to give your child the playing space that they need while keeping your home clean and functional. These shipping containers can be further customizable to serve other uses as your children grow older. Once they leave the nest, you may want to use the container for your own purposes.