Your daughter has just started enjoying her freedom of walking. She runs around and climbs on everything, sometimes almost giving you a minor heart attack. Her delight when the music is on is a sight to behold. She’s certainly a good candidate for dance class, even as a toddler. Here are five reasons she will love taking that dance class.

1. Improved Social Skills

Though she behaves as though she’s a little miss freedom, being around other girls of her age is a new experience. You’re also bound to feel anxious on the first day of class. But only for a short time. She will enjoy activities that involve holding hands wAith a partner and making a circle.

She’ll love interacting with other kids and learning useful skills such as turn-taking and coordination. As a toddler, it’s a good experience to be away from home for a few hours. Packing her bag for the dance class will be among your highlights of the week.

2. Better Posture

Dance skills help children develop posture and poise. She’ll learn how to stand straight and true during the practice sessions. For some types of dances, especially ballet, moving with grace and poise are part of the skills learned.

3. Great Career Prospects

She’s only a toddler, and dance class could be entirely for fun. However, as a mom, your daughter’s dreams can be nurtured through early dance classes. She might pursue dance as a career when she becomes a young adult.

Zippia reports that 62% of workers in the dance industry are from the ages of 20 to 30. Only 4% are 40 years and older. Dancers retire at an early age. Hence, those interested in the career need to start their careers upon graduating from high school. They skip or postpone entering college as they work towards beginning their careers immediately.

4. Confidence Boost

By learning to present her skills before an audience, her confidence receives a healthy boost. She becomes a child with positive self-esteem and can fare better mingling with others, especially when she joins school. A confident child is harder to bully and a great asset to her mom.

5. Enhances Healthy Living

Habits developed early cannot be easily dropped. Your daughter can nurture her dance and music habits into adulthood, especially to keep healthy and agile. Walking and dancing to a beat when she’s older will keep her aging body mobile.

According to the National Library of Medicine, 8.19% of those accessing home health agencies are aged over 65. More home healthcare services for treating and managing chronic and acute health conditions will be in demand. These include conditions prevalent with aging, like hypertension, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and stroke. Fortunately, your dancing daughter most likely won’t have to deal with such challenges in her old age.

Dancing lessons train breathing skills. During rapid dances, the dancer should hold their breath for long periods. Running out of breath while in the middle of a dance routine is embarrassing and can also be a sign of ill health.

A doctor can prescribe a pulmonary rehabilitation program for such a person. These exercises help people living with long-term lung diseases. Exercises such as dancing may not cure the lung disease, but the patient will start to notice fewer breathing problems.

The rehabilitation program improves one’s ability to do daily activities such as housework, walking, and climbing. One receives two to three weekly pulmonary rehabilitation sessions for several weeks or months, according to the National Heart, Blood, and Lung Institute.

Your daughter will pick dance moves while working with a team, which must practice a dance routine to perfection. She will learn to cheer her teammates when they get their dance moves right. She will also learn how to collaborate to complete a dance project successfully. As a mom, the team spirit your little girl will bring from the dance class will influence her usefulness to you and others. As she matures and moves on to other activities, her life will be markedly different from that of her less active peers.