Planning and preparing your baby’s nursery is one of the best activities a mom gets to do. However, it can also be a bit stressful, and if your baby arrives in the summer, you have to consider their comfort. Therefore, here are several tips so your baby will be safe and relaxed in their rooms while making things pretty and efficient for the parents!

1. Keep Things Simple

You might be tempted to ‘go all out’ with toys, decorations, the best crib, etc., but the truth is that newborns are a lot of work, and you need to think about efficiency more than anything else. You want a space where you can feed and put your baby to sleep without too much to clean up. Add a crib, a changing station, and a chair. If you want, you can also have all your pumping equipment in the room.

Include only what is necessary. That’s all you’ll need for several months of their life. You don’t even need to decorate much, and it’s best to keep a simple color palette with muted tones to encourage their comfort. As they grow up, you can change things and buy them bright and loud toys. It’s simply not worth it when they’re so young.

2. Keep the Temperature in Check

Part of preparing for a summer baby is ensuring that the temperature doesn’t fluctuate too much. It’s not about buying a fan or keeping the air conditioner on all the time. It’s about maintaining the same level constantly. Therefore, you’ll need to be vigilant during the summer. It would also help if you checked the humidity in the room.

Newborns might be unable to sleep well if there’s too much heat, so keep them in lightweight clothes. Put their blankets away too. You might be scared, thinking a baby without covering is too vulnerable, but it’ll be better for them. You just need to ensure that things don’t get too cold either because 87% of homes in America have air conditioning, and what you think is an ideal temperature might be too harsh for your newborn.

3. Use Block-Out Blinds And Get Better Insulation

It’s always best for a mom to ensure their baby’s nursery remains dark. It encourages newborns to sleep longer as the light won’t disrupt their rest. However, it’ll also help keep the temperature in your house at an ideal level. Heat gain and heat loss through windows account for 25% to 30% of energy use. Black-out blinds can help you prevent some of that.

However, it might not be enough to ensure your child is safe and your bills won’t increase. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get better insulation. Many parents turn to open-cell spray foam insulation because it can help reduce their electrical usage by 50%.

4. Think About Storage

Even if you keep things simple regarding your furniture pieces and what you buy for your child, a baby can accumulate many stupid things. You’ll need somewhere to put that as well as the necessary stuff for raising a child. Therefore, you should get drawers, shelves, organizers, etc., where you’ll keep clothes, nappies, socks, and more. As a mom, you should arrange them by priority. Think about things you always use and put those in the most reachable and visible place.

5. Use White Noise

Sometimes, it’s hard for babies to adapt to their new homes because they’re not used to all the stimulation and noises that might be in their nursery. Therefore, you should invest in a white noise machine or another device to play something soothing, such as humming or raindrops. Your baby will love it because it reminds them of being in the womb.

All these tips should help you during the first months of your baby’s life, which can be the hardest for a mom. The key is to ensure that your baby gets enough sleep and food so they can thrive. You got this, new mom!