It’s never too early to teach children about water conservation! If you teach your kids how to save water now, they’ll be able to carry those habits into adulthood. Below, you’ll find some of the best water-saving tips for kids.

Shut Off the Faucets

Make sure your kids aren’t leaving the faucets running when they’re brushing their teeth or washing their hands. Water waste may not seem like much, but it can add up very quickly.

You may want your kids to estimate how much water they use each day. Every time they turn on the faucets, write down how long the faucets are on. Encourage your kids to shut off the faucets when they’re not using water so that they can decrease their water usage.

Take Steps to Prevent Leaks

Household leaks are a major source of water waste. Work with your kids to prevent leaks around the home. Teach them to let you know if they spot dripping faucets or notice wet spots on your floors or walls.

You should also teach your children how to prevent clogs. Clogs can cause pipes to back up, increasing the risk of a leak or burst pipe. Around half of all sewer blockages happen because grease was poured down drains.

Give Your Kids Their Own Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic water bottles. Having your kids switch to drinking out of a special water bottle can also help them use less water.

Kids don’t always finish drinking out of plastic water bottles, and that leftover water usually goes to waste. When your kids have their own water bottle, they can drink out of the same bottle all day long. You can even let them decorate the bottle to make it feel more special.

Start Using a Rain Barrel

Gallons of water can fall during a storm. That’s why Florida, a notoriously rainy state, has some of the nation’s strictest building codes. If you put out a rain barrel, you can collect rainwater runoff and find ways to use that water again.

For kids, it can be a ton of fun to check a rain barrel after a big storm to see how much water they’ve gathered. It’s also an excellent way to show children that water can be reused and recycled. You can use the water you collect to wash your car or water the plants in your garden.

Switch to Solutions That Use Less Water

It’s likely that everyone in your household is using more water than they need to. That’s why you should look for alternatives that will use less water and include your kids in the process. For example, you could have your kids help you install a low-flow showerhead.

If you usually clean your deck or driveway with a garden hose, use a pressure washer instead! A pressure washer typically uses around two gallons of water a minute. Garden hoses can use 20 gallons of water in the same amount of time! Let your kids know how much water you’re saving.

Teach Your Kids Why Water Conservation Is So Important

Plenty of strategies can help your household save water, but the lessons you teach your kids will have a bigger impact if they understand why you’re saving water in the first place. Look for kid-friendly books on water conservation that you can read together.

You could also take your kids on a field trip! See if it’s possible for your children to visit a water treatment plant. It’s a great way to show them that water doesn’t just magically pour out of the faucet.

Teaching children to conserve water can take time, but it’s worth the effort. These tips can help your family to use water wisely!