When you have children, summer can become one of the most expensive seasons for you as you try to find ways to entertain them. You may run out of ideas and feel listless when they’re bouncing off the walls trying to expend their energy, so here’s a short list to help you out. These are six ways in which you can entertain your children this summer and hopefully give them something to talk about for the rest of the year.

1. Go Swimming

If you live near the beach, one of the best ways to spend your kids’ energy is to head out for a stroll and a swim. If you don’t, you could go to a nearby swimming pool and spend an afternoon having fun in the water. When you get tired of splashing around, you can always play a water game like Marco Polo, of which there are a few variations to choose from. In the United States, swimming is the fifth most popular activity, according to Comfy Living. This means that there’s a good chance you will have many takers when you float this idea.

2. Plan a Movie Afternoon

This indoors idea is for those rainy summer days on which no one is motivated to get up and go outside. You could find a collection of movies, some that you’ve watched before and others that you haven’t, and get ready to enjoy a family movie marathon. Make some popcorn and other snacks to enjoy while watching the movie and it will be an amazing way to bond and get the children calm, at least for a while.

3. Pick Fruits

Summer is great for outdoor activities such as walking outdoors and picking fruit. You can do this as a family or send them to a nearby park or garden if they’re the right age at which they can take care of themselves. They will interact with nature and can learn a thing or two about food and its natural origins. This will prove beneficial for them in the future when they understand that they can plant healthy food and don’t have to rely on buying plastic-wrapped groceries from the store whenever they need some.

4. Play a Trivia Game

Growing children seem to have a million questions to ask, so you can feed their curiosity by playing a game of trivia. You can go with a familiar game or make one up as you go and get the chance to share facts with each other, such as the way Americans receive their tax refunds. One-third of Americans choose alternative methods from direct deposit to receive their funds, while 66% settle for direct deposit. Facts like this could prove useful to them in the future besides just being a fun bit of information to share.

5. Do a Home Improvement

If there’s a home improvement project that you’ve put on hold for a while, summer is the best time to do it. You can involve your children in it as long as you take all the necessary safety measures. When you do this, your children can learn some beneficial life skills and you will all enjoy the gratification that will come with knowing that you improved your home by yourselves.

6. Dine at an Exotic Restaurant

Finally, the fact that more than a third of Americans have never tasted sushi should motivate you to take your family to eat at an exotic restaurant. Order something that you’ve never tried before so that you can have an experience that you will talk about for a long time to come. Take pictures to make sure that this memory lasts forever!

Use some or all of these activities to bring some fun into your children’s summer, and the joy that you share will be well worth the effort you made.