Burping a baby will help to release excessive air which may have accumulated in the child’s stomach. Air can easily build up in a child’s stomach if it is swallowed during a feeding or while the infant is crying. Proper burping techniques will help the air to form a large bubble in the child’s stomach which can then be released in a burp.

Complications a baby might have if it is not burped

If the air is not brought up through burping, the infant will probably develop a stomachache and start crying. If babies aren’t burped frequently, too much swallowed air can lead to spitting up, crankiness, and gassiness.

How much air will my baby burp up?

The amount of air a baby will burp up varies with the type of feeding, and how quickly the baby eats. A breast-fed baby may not swallow as much air during a feeding as a bottle-fed baby may swallow. You will come to know your child and learn if he or she is inclined to big burps, or not.

How do I burp my baby?

Do not pat or rub your baby’s back too hard. This may cause your child to spit up his or her entire feeding.

Below is a list of positions you can try when burping your baby. Use the position which feels the most comfortable for you and your baby.

  • Shoulder position
    • Place a cloth diaper on your shoulder and place your baby upright on it. Gently start patting or rubbing your baby between his or her shoulder blades.
    • The cloth diaper helps catch ‘wet burps’ or spit-ups.
  • Lap position (stomach):
    • Place a cloth diaper on your lap and lay your child on his or her stomach on your lap. Gently start patting or rubbing his or her back.
  • Lap position (back):
    • Hold your baby upright on your lap, supporting his or her chin with your hand. Drape your hand with a cloth diaper. Gently rub or pat the baby’s back.

How often do I burp my baby?

The amount of burping a baby needs varies. Some babies will need to be burped every 2 to 3 ounces if you bottle feed and after each breast if you breast feed.

When do I stop burping my baby

There is no specific age to stop burping a baby. As a rule of thumb, as the baby gets older and their digestive system becomes more mature, burping is not as necessary. It is usually around the time when the baby starts eating solid food. If you are unsure when to stop, ask your pediatrician or the call the nurse on duty.