baby proof

How to Baby Proof a Bathroom

  • All electrical gadgets should be unplugged and stored when not in use. Types of electrical gadgets that should be unplugged and stored include hair dryers, curling irons, electric razors, and radios
  • Toilet latches should be installed to keep baby/child from falling into the toilet, or throwing objects down the toilet
  • The temperature on the hot water heater should be adjusted to read 120 degrees. This will prevent a child’s thin and fragile skin from being scalded/burned
  • All hygiene products should be stored in a locked closet or cabinet. Types of hygiene products that should be stored include makeup, hair sprays, colognes, perfumes, mouthwashes, medications, powders, razors, tweezers, and deodorants
  • Decals, or a mat, should be placed in the bottom of tubs and/or showers to prevent slips and falls

How to Baby Proof a Kitchen

  • All drawers and cabinets should have latches or locks. This will keep the child from removing the contents, as well as hinder the child who uses a pulled out drawer for a ladder
  • All appliances should have short cords that do not drape over the counter
  • When cooking, handles to pots and pans should face the center of the stove or the rear wall
  • Tablecloths should be avoided in a home that has small children. This will keep a child from using the cloth as a means to pull himself or herself up
  • Riding toys and toys with wheels should be kept out of the kitchen

How to Baby Proof a Living Area

  • Entertainment and shelving units should be securely attached to the wall. This will keep the unit from falling over onto the child if the child attempts to climb the shelves
  • Electrical cords should be kept short, and out of the reach of a child
  • House plants should be kept above the child’s reach, and poisonous plants should be removed from the home
  • Screens should be placed around fireplaces, radiators and other heating units

General Guidelines to Keep Baby/Child Safe

  • Never leave a small baby or child alone with pets or other children. Babies and young children may unintentionally hurt a pet which may cause the pet to nip or bite the child. Older children may want to “mother” a baby and accidentally drop him or her
  • All electrical outlets should have tamper proof covers installed
  • All blind cords should be shortened or tied to prevent strangulation
  • All cleaning supplies and chemicals should be stored in a locked garage, closet or cabinet
  • Gates should be installed at the top and bottom or stairs. Gates can also be installed in doorways leading to rooms that are deemed unsafe
  • Never leave a bucket of water in or around the home. Children can drown in inches of water
  • Never place crib, bassinet, high chair, play pen or swing near a window
  • Windows should have a latch installed which prevents the window from opening more than a few inches, or bars should be installed on the outside of windows which would keep a child from falling out