Summer is upon us, and the kids will be on school break. That means there’s plenty of time for family fun and bonding. So, how can one plan for a day out with the kids? From outdoor festivals to teaching them about nature, here are some ideas for a day with the little ones and teens.

Plant a Tree

Trees are a vital part of the environment. According to Reader’s Digest, paper is one of the top most recycled materials. By introducing the kids to such nature, you help them develop an appreciation for it. Have fun and serve the environment by planting one or more trees together in the area. Learn about the different species of trees, how to care for them, and more.

Go Hiking

Speaking of trees, what better way to enjoy their beauty than by going on a good hike? As of 2017, local, tribal, and indigenous communities were legally recognized as owning 447 million hectares of forest, according to One Tree Planted. Kids are energetic, so hiking is a great way to take advantage of that energy, see nature, and get some exercise. Many places have accessible hiking paths to follow. As you enjoy your scenic hike, look out for local animals like birds, deer, foxes, and more. Bring your camera and see who can take the best images! In addition to a traditional hike, you can take the bikes along for a better workout.

Find Outdoor Events

According to Visit Bakersfield, the city has more days of sun than any other large Central Valley city. So, it’s the perfect place for family fun outdoors. Bakersfield, CA, was first incorporated in 1873 but was disincorporated by voters in 1876. Voters re-incorporated it on January 11, 1898, when the population was around 4,000 people. Today, many people in the area gather on public golf courses, go river rafting, attend outdoor concerts, etc. Take the kids to enjoy the annual Kern County Fair. Don’t worry, these events have plenty of porta potties available for kids and parents to quickly relieve themselves after all the yummy treats and drinks!

Visit a Museum

Museums can provide hours of education and fun. Most cities, including Bakersfield, have a Museum of Natural History or Science museum to enjoy. A Natural History museum lets kids see dinosaur fossils and rocks while learning about the local people that inhabit the area. Once you have seen all the exhibits, buy the kids a souvenir to remember the day. If you have creative children, take them to an art museum where they can see classic works by local and international artists.

Go to the Zoo

After visiting the extinct animals at the Natural Museum, you can see the live ones at the local zoo. Enjoy several species you don’t see roaming around unless you live in the wild. Local petting zoos allow the kids to get up close and feed the animals. Remember to visit the zoo website for feeding hours and days, as they can change based on the season. Everyone in the family should wear comfortable shoes and sunscreen. Don’t forget to bring light snacks and a camera to capture the cute monkeys, elephants, and more.

Enjoy Sports

When the weather is warm, it’s a good time to throw the ball around in the park or practice some swimming lessons. Get tickets to catch a local baseball game or a tennis match in the area.

There are many ways to have a fun day with kids without getting bored. Enjoy nature, see extinct or living animals, and get lots of exercise. Don’t forget to stay alert to local events in any city. The possibilities for a day with the kids are endless, so contact us for more information.