Parenting comes with a great deal of responsibility. Unfortunately, there isn’t a handbook to raising a family, as many people model what they know off of their upbringing or just their instinct. However, there are a few parenting tips that can come in handy that can help you feel better and learn more from your situation.

Veggies Taste Bitter to the Little Ones

Veggies should be a part of any balanced diet. However, don’t feel bad if your child is giving you a hard time when it comes to eating Brussels sprouts or spinach. If the child that graciously ate mushy peas as a baby is now pushing them away as a toddler it’s because of the biochemistry in their mouth. However, you may want to get creative and mix vegetables in with some other tasty foods kids love. According to Abasto, Over 230 million people in the country include Mexican ingredients in their home cooking. Why not toss some green veggies in with your tacos or enchiladas?

Children Don’t Need Constant Entertainment

There was a time when kids had to entertain themselves by going outside to play. These days, due to technology, more kids and parents expect children to be constantly entertained. However, that could be stressful for any parent or caretaker. It’s fine for your children to get bored since such boredom can help grow their creativity and learning ability. Allowing boredom to sit in, so they can find ways to handle it can also decrease their dependence on devices like phones and iPads.

Your Kids are Always Watching

Teaching doesn’t begin with your child’s first day of school. It begins with you. Do what you can as a parent to model good behavior you want your children to follow. Such behavior can involve brushing your teeth twice a day, watching the type of food you eat, and, of course, watching the other substances you use. For example, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a few drinks, but be mindful that you obey the alcohol limit when driving. The current legal blood alcohol limit is .08% for drivers. Anyone caught driving with a higher limit is liable for a DUI offense. If you don’t want your children falling on that same path, make sure you model responsible behavior, whether you’re in front of your kids or away from them.

All Parents Make Mistakes

As mentioned, being a parent doesn’t come with a handbook. Maybe you had an amazing upbringing, and you’re trying to model your family after how your parents raised you. Even if you did everything your parents or grandparents did, that’s no guarantee that your family won’t have problems. Do what you can to support your child and understand each child as an individual. You’re also an individual, so give yourself room to make mistakes and learn from them.

Pets Can Help Your Household

It’s no secret that pets often become part of the family. Pets are especially a source of support and joy for young children to grow up with. For any kids, especially only children, their beloved dog or cat may be their best friend or running buddy. However, be mindful of the type of pet that you choose, as picking the wrong one can have a diverse effect on your and your family’s safety. According to the ASPCA’s National Rehoming Survey, over 47% of rehomed dogs and 42% of cats are rehomed due to behavioral issues, aggression, health problems, and growing bigger than expected.

Raising a family is a great responsibility that’s different for everyone. Give yourself room to grow with your child and understand some things may happen that you least expect. Hopefully, the above parenting secrets can help you enjoy your family time without stressing out.