Summer Playroom

Summer is finally here! That means the weather is warmer, the skies are bluer and the kids are home. You may have gotten summer camp, babysitters and daily dinners on the schedule but have you gotten everything in order for your home’s playroom? There’s still plenty of time to make some changes for your kids to enjoy for the duration of the summer. 

Playrooms are a safe place for your kids to enjoy their time inside during stormy weather or before and after daycare. Having a dedicated playroom keeps your kids’ things organized, provides them with their own space to have fun and most importantly, gives you peace of mind as a mother. No matter the reason, make sure the playroom is full of fun activities to keep your kids entertained while they are home.

If you’re looking for some new ideas, be sure to read on for the five best additions to any summer playroom!

A Durable Sofa

Seating is perfect to have as the center of your playroom. One of the hardest things for parents is investing in something new when you know it’ll just be destroyed by rambunctious children. Discount furniture options are a great way to find something great without breaking the bank. Choose from fun styles in durable materials that will outlast several seasons even after use from the most rambunctious of kids. 

A great sofa can supply endless opportunities. Try hosting a cozy movie night featuring the latest animated release, or let their creative side flow by giving them a large sheet to supply hours of playful fort building. Having some amazing family fun is just an idea away!

An Easel or Chalkboard

Supplying your kids with options when it comes to activities will help them learn what they most enjoy doing. An easel or chalkboard could foster a lifelong love for painting or drawing. 

Highlight their portraits and creative ability by hanging them in the playroom for all to see. Or, use chalkboard paint on a wall in their space to allow them to admire their work until their next stroke of genius occurs. You never know what stress relievers your children could take to so encouraging them to experience all different types of pursuits will certainly benefit their personal development.

Plenty of Storage

Staying organized will help teach your kids cleanliness. By keeping their playroom organized, they may be more likely to pick up an affinity for clean spaces. Have enough storage available and motivate your kids to put things away when they are finished with small rewards. 

Consider different types of storage solutions. There are many pieces of furniture with hidden storage that are much more appealing to the eye like ottomans and trunks. Try utilizing shelving units with different storage options such as cabinets or drawers.

A Security Monitor

It’s difficult to keep an eye on your kids at all times. However, checking up on their activities can be made easier with security devices. 

Update your playroom to be equipped with helpful home monitoring systems that make life easier. There are some great smart home technologies combined with security options that allow you to control different aspects of your home like lighting, sound or communication. 

Safe, Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Whichever way you decide to go for your playroom, health should always be the main priority. Many popular cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that could cause illness if not properly used or stored. 

The playroom has many areas that should be sanitized daily so prevent the effects of toxic cleaning supplies altogether by stocking your home with organic alternatives. More of a do it yourself-er? Baking soda and vinegar are two natural options to consider as well.