Driver safety is something everybody knows about but not everybody takes to heart. Unfortunately, this is why so many fatal car accidents occur each day. There are lots of driver safety tips to consider when driving, but here are two very simple main rules of thumb that can help your children stay safe. Chances are, you already know them and can probably guess what they are: drive sober and don’t use your phone. However obvious, many people do not comply. Here’s a reiteration as to why it’s so important your children (and you) pay attention to these simple safety rules.

Drive Sober

Driving under the influence is one of the single-handedly most dangerous things a person could do to themself and everyone around them. Driving under the influence shows a disregard for yourself and other’s lives. In 2017, the Ohio State Highway Patrol reported 379 fatal crashes related to operating a vehicle while impaired (OVI). It’s because of statistics like these that driving a car is likely the most dangerous thing the average person does in a day.

If your child is someone who doesn’t care what happens to them, have them consider the impact driving while intoxicated will have on the people around them. Driving under the influence makes them so much more likely to miss traffic signs and end up crashing into another car. Their life is not the only one at stake.

Especially with services like Uber and Lyft widely available in almost every city and town, there is really no excuse to drive under the influence.

Don’t Use a Cell Phone While Driving

Though it’s likely everyone already has one or two or even three excuses in their head for why they may need to use their phone while driving, any time they do, they are risking lives. Just as it only takes a website about 3 to 8 seconds to catch a customer’s attention, it only takes a few seconds of someone paying attention to their phone instead of the road to get into an accident. It doesn’t take whole minutes for the car ahead of you to slam on their breaks because an animal, toy, or little kid ran into the road. These things happen at a moment’s notice, and if your child is on their phone instead, they’ll likely miss the chance to react and wind up bumper to bumper with the rear end of another car.

There are plenty of alternatives to using a cell phone while driving. If your child is someone who uses it for directions, have them consider buying a GPS. If they’re really lost and need directions, they can look at a map before they leave the house. If they’re someone who uses it to play music while they drive, they could burn their music on CDs and listen that way.

If all else fails, have them consider the consequences to not taking this advice. Even if they or the other person is lucky enough to make it out of an accident alive, the average hospital stay is about 4.5 days. Is that how they want to spend their time? Not only that, but the expenses for the hospital stay as well as their car could be astronomical.

While these are not all of the driver safety rules your children should adhere to, be sure that they heed this advice when driving, as they are some of the most important. Though that text may seem urgent, it can definitely wait. Their family and friends will be thankful they considered proper driver safety and made it to their destination intact, and so will the cars around them.