bad date

In the dating world, many find that not every date will be a perfect one. There will be dates where the content is boring, the other party is offensive or there just seems to be no chemistry between the two individuals whatsoever. Some may wonder if there is ever any tactful way to get out of the bad date prior to it ending. Fortunately, there are a few tactics one can take in order to end the date at an earlier point in time and do so with grace.

End the date between activities

If the date which is planned contains a few different activities, such as biking and lunch, and one or both of the parties does not think it is going particularly well, why not gracefully end the date at the cessation of the first activity. For example, if on the biking part of the date there is simply nothing to talk about and it just doesn’t seem to be working out just ask your date if the day can end there. It is easier to end the date between activities as opposed to in the middle of them.

Be honest

The best way to gracefully get out of a date is to be honest with the other person about your thoughts. Some individuals can stand to put up with the entire date from start to finish even if it is going poorly while others simply know that it is not going to work and wish to end it then and there. For those who wish to end it at the latter point, speaking up and telling the other person the honest truth is the best way to gracefully end the date early. The other person may be a bit perturbed but they will certainly respect that you did it that way as opposed to taking a fake phone call during dinner where an “emergency” has occurred and you must leave.

Thank the other person for the date

It is also important to thank the other person for the date, regardless of the fact that it ended early. Express your appreciation for the chance to get to know them and tell them how sorry you are that it did not work out in the end. This is a graceful way to end the date early while still letting them know you appreciate the time spent together.

Don’t fake an illness or leave abruptly

One should never fake an illness or simply get up and leave if the date is not going well. This would end the date but it would occur in a manner that was neither graceful nor tactful. No matter how bad the date may be, it is important to remember that the other person is human and has feelings as well.