Okay, I know this is going to come as a shock but post divorce – wait for it – I had a lesbian affair. It was brief, it was intense and it was mega confusing. Never in the past have I had so-called “lesbian tendencies” but there was something about finding love as a more – dare I say it – mature person that opened a door I would never have thought to have explored in my early twenties. It did cross my mind that perhaps I had become so desperate that even my new friend Donna looked attractive, but, if truth be told, she was everything I had wanted in a man (just not a man). She was accepting, strong, sexy and a great flatterer (I am a Leo after all). But she was a goddamn woman!

During the course of our short fling, I was determined not to allow my own preconceptions get in the way… although I did take a squizz round to see that no one was looking when she kissed me on the sidewalk one afternoon. She had all the characteristics I missed in a man – she listened when I spoke and didn’t try to turn into Mr Fix-it on the occasions when I bemoaned my fate. She didn’t retreat every time I advanced, advance when I retreated (also known as the rubber-band theory). And she didn’t leave the toilet seat up.

It was a truly novel, very powerful experience to be loved and to love a woman in that way and, had I not been partial to men, who knows where the relationship may have taken us? But, for all their clumsy, dopey foolishness, it’s still men I like best. It’s a physical thing, it’s a mental thing and there’s just no explaining it.

But those were wild times, those sneaky rendezvous with my kind, sensitive, accepting (and still sexy) friend Donna. Hallelujah for the experiences that being single again can bring!