When you are going through a divorce, it is perfectly normal to feel strong emotions of anger and rage at your ex spouse. However, it is important to release your anger in a positive and constructive way. Releasing your anger in a positive and constructive way is not only necessary, but will help you begin to heal and start living a strong and successful life after your divorce.

Write a Letter 

Acknowledge all of your anger towards your former spouse by writing.   Write about all of the disappointments, hurts, and feelings your divorce has caused you.  Don’t hold anything back.  After the letter is completed, do NOT give your spouse the letter. This will only reinforce the negative aspects that the marriage had on your life. Destroy the letter by tearing it up or burning it.

Gain Perspective 

You are angry because of the faults your ex spouse contributed to your divorce.  Now is time to be honest with yourself and own up to your downfalls that also played a part in your divorce.  By recognizing your faults, you will gain power over your anger and help you to change your ways.  You will no longer feel like a victim, and your self-esteem can be built back up.

Drop It 

Rather than constantly being angry, just let go.  Dropping your anger is not suppressing it, but recognizing that it is no longer useful.

Deal With It 

A practical way to stop being angry is to deal with it one step at a time.  Write in a journal, read encouraging thoughts and quotes, be thankful for what’s good in your life, and make an effort to monitor your negative words and attitudes.Use this emotion in a positive way that promotes the ability to create good changes in your life.  Ask yourself what are you really angry about.  Narrow it down then ask yourself what you can do about it and how different your life would be without it.  Then let the anger go.  You have the chance to make a fresh start. Take this opportunity to begin to live your best life yet without anger dragging you down!