Being married and having a family is a wonderful thing that brings many people joy and happiness. However, some people do not find marriage to be all that enjoyable and find themselves miserable in the relationship. The unfortunate truth is that divorces happen all the time and the majority of them are caused largely or at least party by financial stresses such as debt. In cases like these, a divorce may be the best and most logical course of action for the couple.

Divorce By the Numbers

It is estimated that as many as 42%-45% of first marriages end in divorce, which is a staggering number that has steadily been increasing over the recent year. There is a great deal of pressure being put on single people today, and it is even greater for married couples in many ways. The stress of adapting to married life, learning to live with another person 24/7, and navigating the blending of personal interests and family goals can be challenging. Not everyone is made for marriage and not every marriage will last and stay as happy and wonderful as it was at the beginning. Sometimes, despite the best efforts to make it work, the marriage fails, and a divorce is necessary. More and more couples are finding this to be the case and are ending first and even second or third marriages in divorce after only a few years together.

Financial Strain and Divorce

A leading cause for divorce rates increasing in recent years is the continued pressure and strain caused by economic uncertainty and general disruptions and upheavals that are taking place in the world today. Couples are under a lot of strain financially as job markets remain unstable, cost of living increases continue, and employment benefits suffer overall. This can lead a family to be in debt, which only puts more strain on the marriage. As of January 2019, it was estimated that all American households combined owed a staggering sum of $9.12 trillion in mortgage debt. Other debts on top of this include car payments, personal loans, and credit card debts. All of this will quickly add up and can have a huge impact on how a family can live and what a couple can and cannot do with their lives.

The Process of Filing for Divorce

When a married couple wants to end the marriage legally, a divorce is the only way to do so. Some precise steps and processes must be followed which is why the need for experienced family law attorneys is still in such high demand. Many states have special requirements for a divorce to be done in their state and for it to be a legally accepted termination of the marriage. The residency requirement for filing for divorce in Kansas, for example, is 60 days before filing. Knowing what documents need to be filed, what paperwork needs reporting, and what you and your partner are obligated to do can help make the process of getting a divorce easier and less stressful. A local law firm can offer guidance and assistance, so you know your rights and your responsibilities when filing for a divorce in your state.

Ending a marriage is never enjoyable, and it can often be a painful and complicated process. However, in many cases, it is what is best for the couple and the family as a whole. Working with a local family law expert can help you make the most of the situation and follow through with a divorce with as few delays and issues as possible.