Are you tired of lying in bed awake at night? Are you anxious and unable to sleep for more than a few hours? If yes, then there is good news. We can help you get better sleep very quickly. We’ve created a list of 28 questions to ask your doctor to get rid of insomnia and sleepless nights.

General questions to ask your doctor about insomnia

  1. What could be affecting my sleeping habits?
  2. Do I have insomnia?
  3. What caused my insomnia?
  4. How can I treat insomnia?
  5. What are some common methods for getting to sleep?
  6. Is Long-COVID syndrome causing my sleeplessness?
  7. Can I do anything to stop myself from laying awake at night?
  8. Can you recommend anything my significant other can do to help me sleep?
  9. How long will it take to treat my insomnia?
  10. Is my sleeplessness caused by nutritional deficiencies?
    1. What tests should I take to determine if I have nutritional deficiencies?

Medicine questions to ask your doctor about insomnia

  1. Have any non-prescription sleeping aids worked?
  2. Are there medicines to help me fall and stay asleep?
  3. Should I try over-the-counter sleep medicines?
  4. Will sleep medicines cause long-term side effects?
  5. How many days in a row can I take sleep medicine?
  6. How can I reduce the risk of side effects?
  7. Should I try melatonin supplements?

Things to alleviate sleeplessness

  1. Should I try breathing exercises?
  2. Will blockout curtains help create a restful environment?
  3. Do meditation apps like Calm and Headspace help people fall asleep easier?
  4. Will medicinal mushroom help?
  5. Should I try to exercise early during the day?
  6. What are the best insomnia-specific exercises or stretches I should try?
  7. Will acupuncture help calm my nerves so I can sleep better?
  8. Will massage before bedtime help?
  9. Should I try to take nap during the day?
  10. Will acupressure help?
  11. Should I try CBD or cannabis?