Pain is a complicated problem and can be hard to deal with. It can be horrible, especially when you can’t sleep, work, and can barely function in everyday life. While we can’t completely eliminate most causes of pain, we can work together with our doctors to find the best treatment plan possible to help manage our pain and prevent the pain from getting worst.

General questions to ask your doctor about pain

  1. What are my options for pain management treatment?
  2. What can I do to manage my pain?
  3. How long will it take for the pain to go away?
  4. If the pain management treatment doesn’t work, what are my next steps?
  5. Should I buy a TENS unit?
  6. Is the pain caused by Long Covid Syndrome?
  7. What exercises can I do to manage my pain on a long term basis?
  8. What are the alternatives to drug therapy?
  9. Should I see a physical therapist or pain specialist?
  10. How long should I expect this treatment to last?

Medicine questions to ask your doctor about pain

  1. How will this medicine help my pain?
  2. Why are you prescribing me this drug?
  3. Is this medicine an opioid?
  4. How do you think it will help me?
  5. What other drugs work well with it?
  6. Will this medicine interact with my other medicines?
  7. Should I take the medicine with food?
  8. Can I drink alcohol while taking these medications?
  9. How often should I take the medication?
  10. What happens if I miss a dose?
  11. Am I at risk if I try to reduce my medication?
  12. What are the side effects of this medicine?
  13. What is the best way to manage my pain at work?
  14. Should I avoid driving or other activities while taking this medicine?
  15. What will happen once I stop taking these medications?
  16. How long should I continue taking these medications?
  17. If the medication isn’t helping, what do we do next?

Physical therapy questions to ask your doctor about pain

  1. Should I try physical therapy?
  2. Can physical therapy help?

Types of treatment to ask your doctor about pain

  1. Should I try CBD?
  2. Will acupuncture help?
  3. Will massage help?
  4. Will acupressure help
  5. Will surgery help?
  6. Will medicinal mushrooms help?
  7. Should I try CBD or cannabis?