calm white dog

Humans go through an amazing amount of research to find the ideal dog to make part of their family. But no one ever asks us what we’re looking for in an owner. Here’s what’s on my wish list for the perfect pet parent. I want someone who is:

Active: Exercise is important for all dogs, regardless of size. I want someone that will take me for walks through the neighborhood and play outside with me.

Sensitive: It’s important that you get to know my behavior and patterns so you can tell when I’m not feeling well.

Caring: I want someone who will bathe me or take me the groomer regularly. Make sure my toenails are clipped because it will help prevent injury and make me more comfortable. Also, brush me often so my coat doesn’t matt and I won’t shed so much.

Great communicator: Talk to me daily. Not only do I like the sound of your voice but you would be surprised at how many words I understand. My vocabulary extends far beyond “sit,” “stay,” “roll over,”  “come,” and “fetch.” Nothing warms my heart more than when someone says “I love you,” and kisses me. I’ll even kiss back.

Patient: Please don’t be in a hurry when you walk me. I like to stop and sniff – a lot.

Generous: This means with your time. I’m excited when you come home from work and want you to spend some time playing with me. Before you leave in the morning, take a few minutes to play with me also.

Affectionate:  I love to be rubbed and, like most dogs, have my belly scratched. Massages are also nice and can be calming for humans. Try giving me one.

Giver: Praise us. Dogs love their owners and we want to please you. If you praise us then we know we’re doing the right thing.

Remember, dogs are the most loyal pets. We remain devoted through the good and the bad times. But being an ideal pet parent gives us all the more reason to be the best companion to you.