dog drinking water

Everyone knows that dogs need fresh water daily but it’s also important to note that we should receive the same high-quality water as humans.

Just like our masters turn up their noses at unfiltered water from the tap, so do your four-legged friends. We notice that you drink bottled and filtered water and even lately water from expensive systems that turn yucky tap water into tasty water that is high in alkaline and antioxidants. Please share with us little people.

Tap water can contain harmful bacteria, viruses and even parasites. We don’t want those in our bodies any more than you do. Chlorine is added to tap water to kill the bacteria but that can be bad because chlorine, a poisonous gas that is converted to liquid form, might react with organic materials found in the water to create dangerous trihalomethanes (THM). Sometimes ingesting THMs and other chlorine by products increases the risk of certain types of cancer in both humans and animals, according to some studies. And chlorine just doesn’t taste very good. Imagine drinking water from a swimming pool with chlorine and then you’ll know what I mean.

Water is very important to us because we need to stay hydrated. We want to lead a long and healthy life with you and one way is for us to have quality water. When I lap fresh, filtered water, I don’t worry so much about getting urinary tract disorders and other medical conditions.

Also, please don’t forget to wash our bowls frequently. Otherwise, our bowls turn into Petri dishes where bacteria can grow from mold in the air. We prefer bowls made of stainless steel, glass or stoneware because they resist scratches that can harbor bacteria.

The thing to remember is this: if you would not drink the water from my bowl then neither should I.