lonely dog

These tough economic times aren’t just hard on humans but pets also. I’m now homeless because my owners could no longer afford to pay the mortgage. They moved in with a relative, who didn’t like dogs and said I was not welcome. Abandoned, I had nowhere to go but on the street.

I’m not alone out here. There are other pooches that used to be pampered but now are cold, hungry and afraid like me. Their owners sleep in cars, where there is no room for them, or moved into pet un-friendly apartments. When the economic downturn began, pet food companies and organizations donated free dog food and veterinarian and dog groomers offered services to the unemployed around the country.

But as time went on, foreclosures began and renters were evicted. Animal shelters filled up quickly and there were long waiting lists at pet foster homes. Pet parents felt they had no choice but to leave us behind. We know the pet parents had enough to deal with trying to figure out where they were going but we need somewhere to live too.

If you know you’re going to lose your home, try to place us with a friend or relative. Or look for one of the new organizations that find homes for abandoned pets and offers to help with pets to homeowners in foreclosure. Sometimes we can go to a temporary home until you get back on your feet. Adjusting to a new family is much easier for us than trying to survive on our own. We’re not accustomed to having to fend for ourselves. Some of us starve to death or get hit by cars because we don’t know to look both ways before we cross the street.

Remember that your fur babies are family and deserve better treatment.