Although I’m a house dog, I derive great pleasure from being outside in the sunshine. That doesn’t mean I want to sleep outside, but regular extended time spent in the fresh air is good for me.

Even with all of the wonderful smells and crumbs a kitchen brings, I like to go outside to do more than urinate and defecate. Because I rely on my sense of smell, I’m stimulated by all of the outdoor scents.

People used to spend more time outdoors socializing and man’s best friend was right there with them. Now, many humans remain chained to their computers for several hours at a time with their four-legged friends patiently waiting by their feet. It’s hard to compete against all of the television channels available but we’re not going to give up.

Not only do we receive Vitamin D when we’re in the sun but being outdoors allows us to enjoy some of our favorite activities like digging, an instinctive behavior for canines. We know we shouldn’t dig in your flower garden so I encourage owners to provide a designated digging area if you have room in a fenced in yard. Bury bones for us to find as this provides great mental and physical stimulation for us.

A lot of pooches enjoy soaking up rays; therefore your fur baby would enjoy a small relaxation area with something comfy on which to nap. Because my fur is long and thick, I tend to smell a little after being outside for just a few minutes. But don’t let this be a reason to keep your baby behind closed doors. Rest assured that the outdoor smell, a result of the moisture mixing with our natural oils, subsides after a little while.

If you don’t have a fenced in yard don’t let that stop you from rewarding with your pet with outdoor leisure time. Find a park in your area. You’ll enjoy the time too.