dog car window

One of the highlights for me is riding in the car with my owner. It’s another chance to bond, whether we’re running a 15-minute errand or going on a weekend getaway. These outings are more enjoyable nowadays because of hybrid cars, which aren’t just beneficial to the environment but healthier for pooches.

More than 80 percent of dog owners take their canine companions along in their vehicles on errands, leisure rides and day trips, according to a survey by the Automobile Association of America survey in 2010. But some of my fellow canines have problems becoming accustomed to the noise, vibration and motion in standard cars. Therefore, we might shake, drool and even vomit on your beautiful leather car seats.

We smell 1,000 to 10,000 times better than humans and hear at a higher frequency too. But because hybrid cars are quieter than conventional vehicles, it results in a more pleasant ride for us. Hybrid cars are also easier on our noses because there’s less smog exhaust in the air.

Regardless of the kind of car, always remember to secure us with a doggy seatbelt or crate us and use a seat belt to secure the crate. This prevents us from climbing into your lap, one of our favorite places, or flying around the car should you have to brake suddenly or someone hit your car. And it’s fine if you put us in the backseat. We know how much you want to pet us (and we like it too) but we don’t want to distract you from driving. Letting us hang our heads out of the window may look cool but it’s bad for us because debris can fly in our eyes and ears and harm us. Also, don’t leave us in a closed car, even for a few minutes. You’d be surprised at how quickly a closed car can heat up and cause permanent damage to us or worse yet, even kill us. Therefore, make sure you can take us inside whatever establishment you go to as well.