**things I love to do when home alone

As a dog, I like to sleep a lot when home alone. I’m like a sundial and follow the sun around the house. It’s not unusual. Most of my fellow canines, depending on the breed, prefer to sleep anywhere from 10 to 18 hours a day.

Before my owner leaves me for the day, she usually takes me for a long walk in the morning. This tires me out and I’m ready to go back to bed as soon as she departs.

If she leaves her bed unmade, I like to curl up in the bed and smell the scent of her on the sheets. It’s almost like she is right there with me. A made bed doesn’t deter me. I still get on the bed, which explains why the pillows are a little askew when she comes home.

But sleeping is not the only activity I do when my owner is away.

After I eat all of the food in my bowl, I sniff the kitchen floor for anything I can find. It seems like my master always drops something while cooking. Discovering slivers of grated cheese on the floor is like receiving a treat for good behavior. I can often count on my owner to leave me a treat hidden in one of my chew toys. I don’t mind working to find it because it feels like a reward.

Sometimes I sit at the window and look outside at the birds. In my mind, I imagine chasing them to receive the exercise I need.

But mostly I sleep. When my owner comes home from a long, hard day at the office, I’m ready to play.