dog in a basket

(Human discovers self, after saving dog from animal rescue)

You thought you’d never love again until you met me. When you rescued me from the animal shelter you were down in the dumps and in need of companionship and wet kisses. I stood on my hind legs and gave you a hug.

I’m not sure why you were miserable. Maybe you lost a loved one or a job that meant the world to you. It didn’t matter to me because now you had me. Your new best friend forever (BFF), who would greet you at the door, watch over you while you slept and provide unconditional love. When you brought me into your home, I was so happy that I ran from room to room wagging my tail. Watching my little tail move back and forth so quickly brought a smile to your face and reminded you how easy it is too laugh. When you told me you hadn’t laughed in such a long time, I understood. I hadn’t either.

My previous owner abandoned me and I lived in a cage in a shelter until you came along. All I wanted was a home again and you provided that. In return, I gave you a reason to get up in the morning, even if it was just to take me outside for a walk. Strangers don’t mind approaching people with dogs and babies. I gladly became the vehicle for people to talk to you. Suddenly you had invitations to outings. You didn’t forget me. You took me with you wherever I was welcome.Now your social calendar is full, just like it was before darkness fell in your life. And you’re healthier. Your blood pressure is within normal range again because our twice daily walks reduced your stress. Our bonding gave you a sense of security and helped fight depression and loneliness. Who knew when you selected me in the shelter that day that it was you who was in need of rescue?