Avoiding an auto accident is important for most drivers. However, some drivers are distracted on the road; some may also ignore the rules and drive with the risk of causing a collision. Today we are checking in on some important road safety tips to stay safe while driving your car.

1. Take Care When Parking

If you park on a hill or incline, the car risks rolling because of gravity. Always remember to put the handbrakes up and in place to secure the car if you must park on an incline. If your car has been parked for a long time, you should see that it gets driven occasionally or check the condition before taking it onto the road. According to Fortune Magazine, an average American vehicle will spend 95% of its lifetime parked. Parked cars also risk collisions, and to avoid one, rather park in more accessible parking. Try to avoid the busy intersection parking spaces as much as possible.

2. Avoid Driving Distracted

Distractions on the road can occur in many forms. Texting and driving is highly dangerous and, for one split second, can cause a terrible car crash. Taking your eyes off the road in that instant is what leaves you more vulnerable to a collision.

According to Value Penguin, almost one in 10 fatal car accidents are caused by drivers being distracted. Some people may be driving angry, like having had a fight at home and heading onto the road. An argument while driving can also risk accidents.

3. Make Sure the Car Gets Serviced

Servicing the car regularly will ensure it is in good condition. A car that doesn’t get serviced during the allotted intervals can risk breaking down on the road and instrumental failure. A failure of brakes or other elements can be hazardous and could risk an accident.

When someone is injured in an auto car accident, seeing the injuries immediately is impossible. Only the visible injuries are clear, but there are often underlying injuries that only start manifesting later. Hence, it can take many months to assess the true extent of a person’s injuries completely.

4. Don’t Exceed the Given Speed Limit

The speed limits are set for a good reason. In smaller residential areas where pedestrians and pets are in the area, you’ll see the speed limits are slower to avoid an accident. There are often more turns and speed bumps in residential areas. Even when driving along the construction, you should also keep to the speed limit given, even when it’s temporary. Driving too fast inappropriately can make it difficult to stop the car in time and may risk the driver losing control of the auto vehicle.


5. Never Risk a DUI

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs highly increases the risk of having an accident, according to personal injury attorney Robert Louis Armstrong A driver that isn’t sober may not have control over the car and its instruments, they may not be able to see clearly on the road, and they could undergo psychedelic changes that may not really be happening. Still, the hallucination can lead to an accident. Rather assign a designated driver or take a taxi than risk having an accident and the legal repercussions that come with it if it was your fault.

Ensure your car is fit and in good shape to use on the road. Remember to check the tires and other service aspects regularly. Always take extra precaution when driving, bearing other drivers in mind too. If you can, go for a car that has reasonable driver assistance and safety features, as this will also help improve your driving experience and safety.