road trip

Chances are one of the things you value most is time spent with your family. It’s a time to bond and cherish each other while having fun. A road trip is one of the most exciting family events you can engage in. It, however, requires meticulous planning to ensure everyone is available when the day finally arrives. Below are eight items you’ll need on your long family road trip.

1. Headphones for the Kids

You’ll need some quality headphones for the kids. If you want to enjoy quiet time on the road, get the kids a few movies and good headphones so that they can watch their movies peacefully. It’s also an ingenious way of helping the driver concentrate on the road without too much interruption from the kids, especially on long stretches that demand maximum concentration. The headphones should be age appropriate. The ideal ones for smaller kids should have low noise levels to protect their ears.

2. Games

How will you entertain the kids during the long trip? How about games, especially car ride ones? The goal is to keep them busy so they don’t get irritable. However, why not if they can play a game they can learn something from? The Alphabet Game is a great choice; of course, you can throw in I Spy and Travel Bingo, whatever their favorite game is.

3. Trunk Organizer

You’ll need a trunk organizer to get things orderly. This is where you’ll put all the kiddy stuff, such as Frisbees, flippers, beach balls, and other last-minute items they swear they’ll need for the trip. Rather than have stuff strewn all over the trunk, a trunk organizer solves the problem by keeping everything where it should be.

4. Drinking Water

Water is essential if you’re planning a long family road trip, so carry enough water for everyone. Remember to carry drinking water glasses if the water is in one big container.

5. Carry a First Aid Kit

According to Forbes, up to 30% of insurance claims result from damaged car glass or windshields. A first-aid kit can be of great help in case of an accident. This doesn’t mean you are contemplating an accident; you’re a wise parent who understands the critical importance of being prepared for every situation.

Reports indicate that, by 2026, the accident repair business will grow by 3.3% annually. This stat should concern anyone planning a road trip. It’s wise to prepare for the worst when using public roads. Be careful if you’re behind the wheel, and watch out for people by the roadside or those trying to cross the road. Nationally, about 700,000 people are knocked by hit-and-run drivers every year.

6. Car Seat Covers

Your car will be your family home during the trip. Drinks and food snacks can stain your car seats permanently. Luckily, car seat covers prevent direct staining of your car seats. Bring these along to keep your car free of stains.

7. Car Power Inverter

You’ll need a car power inverter for charging phones or tablets. Ensure it’s working, as one of the most frustrating experiences for a long family road trip is when phones or tablet batteries run out. If you have teenagers on board, this could become a grumpy emergency.

8. Mobile WiFi Hotspot

A reliable Internet plan for a family road trip is good. Today, people live a large part of their lives online. A majority of people are more engaged online than offline. Your family will capture Instagram-able memories during the trip, and they’d want to share them with their ‘friends’ on social media. A mobile WiFi hotspot will save the day. So, bring one along.

If you plan and prepare well, you’ll give your family a road trip they won’t forget, and once the trip is over and everyone is back in their familiar territories, there will be many exciting stories to tell.