Homeschooling support groups are a group of homeschooling families who come together at various times throughout the month. Many simply refer to this time as “group”.

Some support groups are formal and will offer information on the latest legal information in regards to homeschooling and/or have guest speakers come in to cover various topics of homeschooling at their meetings. Other support groups are less formal. Less formal groups may simply have regularly scheduled meeting times which serve as “play dates” for the children, while allowing the parents a time to visit and socialize, as well. Support groups can meet at the park, library, an individual’s home, church or at a community center. Schedules of the support group may vary. Some groups meet every week while others meet only once a month.

Support groups can be as much (or as little) as the families involved want them to be. A support group may schedule field trips, picnics, family bowling nights, and more. Members of the support group usually come and go as they please. Usually no one is required to participate in anything if they do not desire to.

The term “support group” in regards to homeschooling does not refer to therapy, or counseling.

What are Enrichment Classes?

Enrichment classes are classes that homeschooling children attend to foster learning and encourage character building outside of the home. Enrichment classes classes may be found in a large support group, offered at a local school, or even by a tutor. These classes usually meet once a week, with homework given for the child to complete at home during the rest of the week.

One of the benefits of attending enrichment classes is to take the burden off of homeschool parents. One parent may choose to teach children math if that is his or her strong suit, while another parent may teach a science or foreign language. Enrichment classes are common in the homeschooling community, especially among high school aged children.

Enrichment classes do not have to be academically based. Enrichment classes can involve attend the Boys Scouts, Girl Scouts, Brownies, or 4-H. Other types of enrichment classes may include music, STEAM camps, painting, photography, baby-sitting classes, yoga, fencing, or basketball. As with support groups, homeschoolers can become involved with enrichment classes as much, or as little, as they prefer.