By Brianna Atkins

Sometimes the stressors of the modern world come to a head. The result? Fatigue, discomfort, irritability, and sometimes ulcers. While we can’t avoid some forms of stress, (especially when we’re spending more time at home with family,) we can take action to reduce their effects. One option? Create a wellness space at home.

Wellness Space Defined

At its essence, a wellness space is an area dedicated specifically to healing and health. In practice, wellness spaces take on a wide variety of forms. You may want to use this space for meditation. Others may need a quiet place to write or journal, and some get away from it all by working out or practicing yoga. Whether it’s a quiet corner in a small city apartment or an entire outbuilding on a country farm, there are a handful of features you need to make sure this space promotes well-being.

Go Green!

Just as green space adds value to a neighborhood, including greenery in your wellness space boosts its healing potential. Homeowners who already have a yard have an advantage. Spring and summer offer an excellent setting for all sorts of calming landscaping features. 

A Zen garden may be just the thing to take your mind off the kids bickering or latest hassles at work. Maybe you prefer the sounds of a backyard fountain or waterfall. Research shows just spending 20 minutes outside in the garden can relieve stress levels, boost your vitamin D levels, and help you clear your mind.

If you live in a condo or apartment, consider using a balcony or patio with potted plants as your wellness space. Have trouble keeping plants alive? Choose low maintenance plants such as a small fig tree. They’re easy to contain and are very forgiving if you forget to water them. They also make great indoor plants and help you breathe easier while you’re trying to relax.

Remove Clutter, Add Calm

The things you see in your dedicated wellness space should bring you peace. Do your best to remove items that remind you of work or chores. Clear the space of papers, electronics, and anything else that reminds you of your professional obligations. Swap these out for houseplants, artwork, or anything else that gives you a visual sense of calm. Light and color also play a role in how relaxing a space feels. If you’re looking to unwind, experts suggest natural light and colors in the blue family.

Creature Comforts

Comfort is essential in your wellness space. Whether it’s a favorite lounge chair, yoga mat, or bean bag chair, it must include a place where you can sit and clear your mind. A hot top in a sealed-off corner of the yard where you’ve got plenty of privacy may work for you. For others, it may be a hammock or a porch swing. Just make sure you can block out the noise of surrounding traffic, barking dogs, kids, and neighbors.

Listen Up

Sound plays a vital role in your wellness space. Traffic noise, alarms, and chatter are not calming. Locating your wellness space away from such sounds is a step in the right direction. But some of us don’t have the luxury of soundproof rooms. In these cases, noise-canceling headphones or a machine playing relaxing sounds will go a long way. Research suggests that nature sounds like rain and thunder are very effective. Native American, Celtic, and Indian stringed instruments and drums also have a calming effect. Any of these are great options for your wellness space!


Our sense of smell is perhaps the strongest trigger when it comes to reliving memories and emotions. Lavender, lemon, and jasmine are just three common scents that can reduce anxiety. If you don’t have space for live plants, (or don’t have a green thumb), candles, air fresheners, and incense offer convenient and effective alternatives. Don’t rule out the calming effect of cannabis and CBD oil. Since the goal is living to 100, stress reducers are critical in your wellness space!

Share the Well-th

Once you’ve created your perfect wellness space, the best thing you can do is share it. The other people in your household — even kids — deal with stress. Encouraging others to use the space can amplify your own sense of ease. Studies show that sharing an experience with a friend feels better than doing it on your own. That goes for both positive and negative experiences. Just let the kids know they can use the space when you’re done with it. So, if the outside world (or inside world) has you down, hop into your wellness space. And bring a friend!

Brianna Atkins is a yoga instructor and home designer in love with soft fabrics, hardscapes, and modern touches.