The first priority for any homeowner in winter is to keep their house warm and comfortable for their family. While doing this, if savings can be made, it will be a successful endeavor in the end. Read the five ways in which you can keep your house warm in winter in pocket-friendly ways, so you can get the best of both comfort and savings.

Seal Unused Fireplaces

If you won’t be using your fireplace to keep warm while telling each other stories, it’s wise to seal it up. Make sure that the damper stays shut once the fire is out. If your fireplace has doors, shut them but leave the damper open until the embers cool completely so the warm air will stay indoors. While 38.7% of American households are heated by electricity and 48.1% by utility gas, 1.9% rely on wood. If you make up this final percentage, make sure to seal the house once the fires die down, but only once they’re completely out so you don’t risk carbon monoxide poisoning.

Check The Doors and Windows

Your doors and windows may be the reason your bills send you shivers whenever the temperatures go low, so check them for cracks and gaps. These could leak out warm air and let in the chilly air, making you use a lot more power and time trying to keep the house warm. To avoid this, simply reapply any missing weather stripping around your windows, and place a layer of caulk on gaps and cracks. This will keep your house warmer with less power used.

Maintain Your Furnace

Diligent maintenance is the key to a long-lasting furnace that keeps working efficiently. To make sure that yours doesn’t let you down in the worst weather, get a professional to do maintenance on it if it’s due. This will also save you the extra money that you would have to spend on getting it repaired if it fails due to a number of issues that may have been spotted and fixed during a maintenance session. Finally, a furnace that’s maintained well enough can last for 15 to 20 years, a duration that can be lengthened by being diligent with repairs and staying up to date with yearly maintenance.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

One of the benefits of improved technology, programmable thermostats are a great way to save money while staying warm as you all share stories indoors. It will enable you to heat your home more efficiently and therefore more cost-effectively. You may set it to heat the home to a specific temperature at a specific time of day, keeping you from leaving the heat running on full even when you may not need it, for instance when you’re out of the house.

Check The Insulation

Your house’s insulation in the roof and attic can help you save a lot of money on heating as it ensures that the treated air stays indoors, while cold drafts don’t make it into the house. This is a big way to keep your home warm. In some cases, the issue might be with your roof. Considering that almost 94% of roofing projects are roofing replacements, you wouldn’t be alone in having your roof redone.

It doesn’t have to be a difficult and expensive task to keep your household toasty in winter. Consider the suggestions above to minimize your expenditure on heating and maximize your comfort in the cold seasons. You will be pleased to find that you can make considerable savings from this point on.