The ozone is a form of oxygen containing 3 molecules, usually found in the stratosphere. The ozone is responsible for filtering out much of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

What is ozone deterioration?

Ozone deterioration is simply the breakdown of the ozone. Ozone deterioration is also called bad ozone.

What causes ozone deterioration?

There are various cited causes of ozone deterioration such as motor vehicle emissions, cleaning products and pesticides, to name a few. The use of these items will act to slowly cause the ozone to deteriorate. The good news is that there are ways for individuals to take it upon themselves to help remedy the situation relating to ozone deterioration.

Is ozone deterioration bad?

Yes. Ozone deterioration is very harmful. When the ozone deteriorates, detrimental UV rays pass through the ozone. Ozone deterioation causes respiratory problems, skin aging, sunburn, snow blindness, depression of the immune system, skin cancer, eye cataracts and blindness.

Helping to prevent ozone deterioration

An easy way to help combat ozone deterioration is to limit the amount of driving. Motor vehicles produce quantities of emissions which help to create smog. Smog is a leading factor with regard to ozone deterioration, or bad ozone as it is sometimes called. By only driving when absolutely necessary to do so, taking public transportation or riding a bike, individuals can help to limit the emissions which they are producing via their automobile usage. Also, driving an electric or hybrid automobile is another great way to aid in preserving the ozone layer.

Another easy way to help prevent ozone deterioration is to use environmentally friendly cleaning products. There are many non-toxic, non-ozone depleting cleaning supplies. Many of these products have orange oil as their main ingredient and work wonders when cleaning. They can often be purchased at health food stores, natural food supermarkets or regular supermarkets. Ozone friendly cleaning products are available for many types of cleaning jobs, including but not limited to clothes washing, floor cleaning and bathroom cleaning.

Lastly, for those who wish to aid in the protection of the ozone layer, avoid the use of pesticides. Instead of grabbing the can of weed killer try some natural remedies instead. There are many alternatives to pesticide use such as weeding by hand or mowing one’s lawn in a certain manner to limit the amount of weeds which grow. By considering alternative methods such as these, the individual can get rid of their weeds yet feel good knowing that they did it the natural way.