As a consumer, we know it’s important that brands care about their customer’s personal health as well as the environment, so it’s great to see big brands we already love doing both of those things. After opening brick-and-mortar stores all across the country, Warby Parker broke into the health space, starting to offer eye exams to their clients and even sell kid’s eyeglasses! This brand is doing so much more than other online retailers in their industry and shows initiative to care for families, their eye health, and the planet.

It seemed like a natural next step when Warby Parker announced last week that they have created their own brand of contact lenses, Scout. It made sense for Warby Parker to break into contact lenses, as the brand has shifted from the fashion space to the healthcare space.

Gone are the days that you have to settle for contact lenses that bother your eyes, that you aren’t happy with, or that are pushed onto you by your eye doctor. Scout gives you the power to make the decision for yourself and for your family. Something like contact lenses may seem like a menial decision, but it’s important to make a decision you and your family are comfortable with when it comes to the health of your eyes.

Can I easily purchase?

Warby Parker has now become a one-stop shop; if you have a store in your area you can take your family to get their eye exams, glasses, and contacts just like you can at your optometrist office. However, at Warby Parker stores, you can have an inviting experience that feels more like a fun shopping trip than it does a medical appointment. It’s important, especially if you have a busy family, to ensure that the purchase process is easy and enjoyable, so whether you choose to buy in-store or online, customer experience should be a priority for you.

In addition to offering their own daily contact lenses, Scout allows customers to purchase their prescribed brand of contacts from a number of familiar brands. If you’re happy with your current brand, such as Acuvue Oasys, Biofinity and DAILIES lenses, you don’t have to worry about changing your prescription.

Why dailies?

In true Warby Parker fashion, their contacts are affordable and you can even do a home try-on of prescription contact lenses for 5 days. Daily contacts are a great option for people with sensitive eyes and for those of us that care about the cleanliness of our lenses. If you’ve ever had blurry vision or itchy eyes from extended wear of your contacts, that may be from the fact that they’re old or haven’t been cleaned thoroughly. When you wear daily contacts, you don’t have to worry about dirty solution infecting or harming your eyes because at the end of the day you will toss them out. There is no need to worry about placing them in contaminated contact solution or taking them in and out of your eyes for days or weeks on end. Additionally, the contacts come facing up in their disposable cases, requiring less touch so you’re less likely to get dirt and dust into your eye when placing them in.

Are they eco-friendly?

Although it may seem that daily contact lenses aren’t eco-friendly, that’s not necessarily the case. For starters, wearing daily contact lenses eliminates the need to buy contact solution on a regular basis, further reducing your waste. Scout, in particular, has made an effort to be a sustainable and earth-friendly brand, and each lens comes in a space-saving flat pack that’s easier to transport and store than a traditional contact blister pack. This pack also uses almost 80% less packaging than traditional contact packaging and your box of 90 days worth of lenses also comes in a recyclable box.

In all aspects of our lives, it’s important to support brands that care for our health and the planet we live on and I believe that Warby Parker does makes both of those priority. In addition to giving away 5 million pairs of glasses since they launched in 2010, they have now disrupted the healthcare space and are constantly making strides to be a sustainable brand and do good for the planet and people all over the world. So when you’re considering ordering new contacts for yourself and your family, think about choosing a brand that checks all of these boxes so you can have a great experience and feel even better about what you’re spending your money on.