When you start your weight lifting workout program, one of the most important things to consider is your breathing patterns.  If you don’t breath correctly during lifting exercises, not only will you increase the blood pressure but you will not be able to generate much force. Without force, you progress slowly.

Let’s take a quick look at some proper weight lifting breathing techniques.

Breathe Out During The Contraction Phase

It is important to breath out when you’re contracting the muscle tissues to go about the movement. This is often referred to as the shortening phase of the exercise and where you will have to exert the most effort.

By breathing out forcefully at this point you will be able to generate the most power and will keep your mind focused on the exercise that you’re doing.

Breathe In During The Relaxation Phase

Breathe in during the second phase of the exercise, or when the muscles are returning back to their original starting position.  This is often termed the concentric portion of the exercise. It is sometimes called the relaxation phase, however, you will still have some degree of tension in the muscle tissues.

When you breathe during the relaxation phase of the exercise, this helps ensure that you lower the weight it in a slow and controlled manner instead of dropping it on the ground.

Keep The Breathing Steady

While doing your weight lifting exercises, at no point should you ever be holding your breath. This is a big mistake that is most often made and will increase your risk of injuring yourself.

If you hold your breath while weight lifting, you will quickly fatigue because there will not be enough oxygen delivered to your muscle tissues.

It may take a bit of time to get into the habit of coordinating your breathing pattern while weight lifting. However, once you get used to breathing properly, you will notice a big difference in your stamina and muscle tone.