Experiencing a medical emergency is never a fun activity — and it’s especially stressful during a pandemic. As coronavirus cases continue to climb throughout the United States, emergency rooms are quickly filling up. And while you may have coverage from one of the 5,965 insurance companies that exist nationwide, that doesn’t mean you’ll be looking forward to dealing with an urgent health matter during this crisis.

After all, roughly $800 million could be spent on emergency dental visits simply due to Halloween — and you might pay a hefty sum if your child experiences a major bodily injury this winter. Although many states, like Texas, allow you to file a personal injury claim within two years of an incident, a wintertime accident might not qualify for that type of compensation (and furthermore, going through a legal or insurance battle right now doesn’t sound all that enjoyable).

Understandably, the best thing that you can do as a parent is to avoid these scenarios entirely. Whether you’ve got a clumsy kiddo at home or you want to do everything possible to keep yourself safe this winter, here are some preventative tips you can rely on.

Eliminate Household Hazards

More than likely, many people are going to be staying home even more often this winter. It’s really one of the safest places to be in terms of the virus. But that’s not to say that your home doesn’t pose its own dangers. From toys and clutter to cleaning agents and medications, you and your children could easily become hurt if you aren’t proactive. Make sure to lock away any unsafe cleaning products, medications, and firearms, clear floors and stairways of clutter, and invest in better lighting to combat the decreased daylight hours. Remember that indoor fireplaces, Christmas decorations, and space heaters can also pose a hazard — so be sure these items are in good working order and that they aren’t left on without supervision.

Watch Where You Walk

Icy and snowy sidewalks can be hazardous, even if you’re wearing the proper footwear. To avoid serious slips and falls, make sure to take your time in icy conditions and to watch where you’re walking. It would be all too easy for your child to take one wrong step, fall, and hit their head on the pavement. Drive home the importance of taking one’s time when walking as the weather gets colder and to watch out for other hazards like fallen branches, slick leaves, potholes, and more.

Set Some Rules For Outdoor Play

Although the temperatures may be dropping, playing outdoors in the wintertime can be a safe way for you and your kids to get some exercise and stay healthy. However, you’ve got to set some ground rules. Your children should always be supervised during outdoor play, even if they’re staying in the backyard. Make sure they’re wearing proper clothing and winter accessories to protect their exposed skin from the harsh elements. Direct your kids to stay away from the street and to wear a hockey helmet when sledding, skating, or skiing.

Injuries are a part of life, particularly when you’re young. But that doesn’t mean they’re inevitable. By following these tips this winter, you and your children can reduce your risk of injury and stay healthy during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.