If one of the goals you have with your strength training workout routine is to try and slim down your waist as best as possible, it’s important to know which exercises will help you work towards this goal and which will actually move you further away from it.

It is important to consider that some exercises that are more targeted towards muscle growth and development could actually make your waist appear wider, so you must make sure that these are not being included.

If they are, you’re not going to get the results that you’re after.  You may get stronger, which is definitely a good thing, but you won’t get slimmer.

Let’s take a look at three exercises that will work to your benefit.

Exercise Bar Twist
The very first exercise to help you get a slim waist is an exercise bar twist.  Most gyms will have weighted exercise bars so choose one that’s approximately 10-15 pounds for this movement. If you don’t have a weighted exercise bar because you’re doing this movement at home, not to worry as it can be done without weight as well.

Placing the exercise bar across your back and holding on to both ends with your hands, you’re to then twist from one side to another, while keeping the knees slightly bent and shoulder width apart. Really focus on using those ab muscles to generate the twisting motion for best benefits rather than allowing momentum to do the work for you.

Interval Training
Next up you have interval training. How can interval training help you get a slimmer waist?

The answer to this is simple. Since interval training is highly effective for helping you burn off your body fat stores, it’s going to be one of the best ways to go about reducing your overall body fat.

If you perform these two to three times per week along with you weight lifting workouts, you will start seeing fat loss take place. As that occurs, you’ll notice your stomach getting slimmer as well.

In most cases it’s not just a matter of firming up the muscles in the ab region but rather losing body fat that’s covering them.

Plank On An Exercise Ball
Finally, the last exercise to perform to help you get a slimmer waist is a plank exercise on an exercise ball. Since the plank is an isometric contraction that calls for you to hold this position in place, you’ll maintain a steady rate of tension on the ab tissues.

By then adding the exercise ball into the mix, you’re going to up the intensity even further, really forcing those muscles to tense up hard. As they do, this will train the stomach to stay sucked in at all times, so that when you’re going about your everyday activities the stomach appears flatter and more firm.

So there you have three top movements that you should do regularly if you want to achieve a slim waist. Be sure to do these along with a good diet for the best results possible.

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