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If you’re getting involved with a regular weight training workout program, one thing that you must take into consideration is the safety aspect of things.  It is far more likely to become injured when strength training than when you’re doing a standard cardio workout because of the weight that’s involved.

Let’s take a look at the top things that you you can do to maintain safety.

Use A Spotter
The very first thing that you should do to help guarantee that you stay safe while weight training is to use a spotter.  Having someone there when you are going to perform a heavier lift that could quickly become dangerous such as the bench press movement will ensure that you can push yourself hard and know that if you need help, it will be right there waiting for you.

Most exercises don’t require a spotter, especially those done on machines, however for the few that do, you won’t want to go without.  Bench press, incline press, and in some cases squats with a heavy weight can all benefit from having a spotter present.

Do A Proper Warm-Up
Second, make sure that you’re also doing a proper warm-up as well.  Warming up before you dive into your weight lifting routine will ensure that the muscles are not going to be strained in an unnatural way and that you have full agility abilities.

If you go into your strength training sessionwith cold muscles, there’s a higher chance that you’ll move out of correct form and this is the biggest threat to your safety.

Always take five to ten minutes beforehand to warm up your muscles.

Learn An Exercise Without Weight First
Whenever you’re going to try a brand new exercise, something that you will want to consider is doing it without weights first.

With many exercises it can take a bit of time to learn the actual movement pattern they call for and by doing it without the stress of weights first, you can ensure that this doesn’t impact you in a negative manner.

Once you feel comfortable with that action pattern, then you can add the weights to the exercise.

Remember To Breathe
Finally, as simple as it sounds, don’t forget to breathe.  Some people really overlook this point and hold their breath as they move throughout and exercise.

This can quickly cause a large amount of pressure to build up in the body, and that put you at risk for ill-health effects. Especially if you already have high blood pressure, you’ll really want to be careful that you are breathing correctly at all times.

So there you have the top things to know when it comes to staying safe during your workout program.  If you pay attention to all these tips, you should have no problems enjoying your workout for all the time to come.

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