As you go about your muscle building workout routine, one thing that you’re definitely going to want to avoid at all costs is developing an injury.  You can have the best of intensions and be working incredibly hard at your fitness routine, but the minute you become injured, you’re going to be quickly sidelined and on the bench.

Fortunately, if you make yourself aware of what the most common injuries are that do occur, you can help prevent yourself from making the key mistakes that cause those injuries to happen.

Let’s take a quick peak at what you need to know.

The Squatting Injury
The very first place where injury may occur is when you’re doing your squat exercise.  Squats are very beneficial for firming the lower body so you do want to include these in your workout program, but at the same time you must make sure that you’re doing them correctly.

The main thing to be careful of when doing your squats is that you don’t lean too far forward.  While some forward lean is alright as that can help you maintain balance, really focus on not overdoing it.

The minute you lean too far forward you’re going to be placing a huge stress on the lower back muscles and this could lead to chronic lower back pain.

Keep the head up and focused straight ahead you – this is a simple technique that will immediately correct your form.

The Shoulder Press Injury
Second, another key place where you might become injured is with the shoulder press.  When doing this exercise the main thing to know is to focus on keeping the abs tight and the butt squeezed. This is going to help ensure that the lower back is in the neutral position, rather than having a very large sway to it.

Those who don’t pay attention to this will place far too much stress on the lower back vertebrae, which can quickly lead to a high amount of pain. Add to this that you have a weight lifted above your head with stress coming down on the back and you can really see why problems would develop.

The Lunging Injury
Finally, the last injury risk that you should be aware of is the lunging injury.  The big problem that occurs here is that people who do this don’t ensure that their knees are following directly over their toes and that then leads to significant amounts of knee pain.

Remember that you must always be keeping the knee directly over the toes at all times and any time it moves too far inwards or outwards, your knee bone is going to experience grinding.  Pay close attention to this and you’ll stay injury free.

So there you have the three biggest injury risks that you must know about as you go about your workout routine. Keep these in mind to ensure you stay injury-free.