yoga back bender

A yoga back bender is a fantastic prop for supported backbends. It allows you to completely relax into the pose leading to non-attachment of the body and a calming of the nervous system. Back benders help increase flexibility for backwards bending and/or to expand their chest for greater lung capacity and ease of movement

Back benders are very useful for individuals who spend a lot of time hunched forward while at work and in long hours commuting in cars. It helps reestablish good posture and straightens lumped shoulders.

Yoga back benders are usually made of wood. However, some are made of metal.

Benefits of using a yoga back bender

Yoga back benders offer many benefits. Some of the most common benefits are listed below.

  • helps gradually open the front body, shoulders and chest
  • provides support for quieter restorative practice
  • relieves back pain
  • stretches chest and shoulder muscles
  • stretches pelvic and abdominal organs and muscles
  • relieves muscle tension and stress

Yoga Blocks Features

  • cost
  • materials
    • wood
    • metal
  • weight
  • slanted foot board
    • helps with the forward bend
  • dowel
    • helps with the long forward bend
  • separate into two parts
    • forms a mini back bender
  • size
  • guarantee
  • length
  • width