The challenge of friendships post-COVID is no longer a question of wooing potential friends; it’s now a question of healing broken bonds. These latter relationships may be filled with hurt feelings, guilt, awkward confrontations and the need to start all over again. However, when approached in the right way, these friendships can be redeemed and restored.

Friendships and families are often the building blocks of our success, and can be especially brittle during isolation. Isolation is difficult for everyone and creates unique challenges for friendships, families, and communities. The challenges can cause frustration with friends, resentment towards family members, and even depression within ourselves. We may feel hurt and angry toward those closest to us because we are not close to them and can’t share in their joys. How do you repair a damaged friendship? If you haven’t already, take the 15 minute respite from facebook and check in with those who matter most. 

The pandemic taught us a lot about the bonds of trust and friendship. One of the most important lessons was how friends and family act in times of need. We saw friends helping one another through the hardest times. We saw families break apart because of different beliefs. Many relationships became strained during the pandemic. Some of these bonds have been strained beyond repair and may not return back to ‘normal’.  

Friendships can be messy and full of disappointment. Sometimes we need to let someone go, sometimes we need to be there for them. Healing from hurt feelings is challenging task to overcome. It’s normal to feel outraged, hurt and disappointed when a friend turns against you, or silent for too long.It is natural to feel angry when other people in your life are treated poorly. 

Broken relationships can be repaired, but it takes time and energy. Oftentimes, it is best to start repairing the relationship after the trauma has passed. It’s often helpful to see what the other person did wrong — or right — so you can re-evaluate your relationship and determine what it needs. Sometimes it is best to talk after a trauma because during the trauma  people have difficulties expressing their feelings.  

If you are prepared to work towards repairing a damaged relationship you the ‘new relationship’ might be better than the one before. Resuming a friendship with someone after a break is not easy. Each friendship is unique and requires a bit of work on each part of the friendship. The key to restoring a broken friendship is to take a step back in time so you can see how things were before the break and assess how important each person was to you in order to build a new stronger relationship.