When you’re looking for a gift for a new mom that you know, it’s good to find something that is both functional and sentimental. People often find it easy and practical to gift new mothers something that they will be sure to use, which is often something for the baby. To make your gift special and specific for her, have a look at these five gift ideas you can get for the new mom in your life.

An Audiobook for Relaxation

Audiobooks are becoming popular of late, and with good reason. They are great because having a book you enjoy getting read out to you makes it easier to consume its contents while you’re in a situation that would have made it hard to do so. A new mother will have an especially limited ability to read physical books. If you know that she enjoys a good book every now and then, getting her an audiobook centered on relaxation will be the best thing you could do for her. With 57% of people who frequently listen to audiobooks aged under 45 years, it’s clear to see that many people in this age range enjoy the convenience of an audiobook.

A Journal for Self-Care

Journaling is an easy, no-stress way to get relief from overwhelming emotions. You can be sure that the new mother you know will have her share of ups and downs, and so getting her a self-care journal will make things a bit easier for her. Customize it if possible, and she will be happy to write down her thoughts and experiences in a book she knows has been purchased specifically for her.

Wine for a Girl’s Night In

If the new mom you know enjoys a glass of good wine every so often, get her some for a girl’s night in. You should, of course, make sure to follow all precautions with wine and seek professional advice for whether she’s cleared to drink wine, and if so, how much she should take in one sitting. You may source wine from one of the major producers of wine, namely France, Spain, and Italy, or even California, which is the fourth-largest producer in the world. Good wine makes a great escort for an afternoon or evening of relaxation, so help her plan ahead if she’s up for it, meet up, and unwind.

A Coffee Mug for Tired Mornings

A coffee mug bought specifically for the new mother you know will have her smiling as she takes a warm glass of whatever beverage she enjoys in the morning. Order a custom mug and inscribe a fun and silly message on it if you believe she will enjoy it. You can even use an image that will evoke warm emotions in her. Set up coffee dates in her house whenever she’s able to have you and others around, and of course, give her a hand with whatever she needs. This way, you will help her with much-needed company and assistance, for which she will be glad.

Flowers for a Beautiful Centerpiece

A beautiful home will always be a warm one, and a new mom will be sure to appreciate a decorative item for her house. If you know her favorite colors and flowers, this is a surprise that she will enjoy a lot. If you need any more convincing that flowers would make an amazing gift, a survey had 88% of the respondents saying that a gift of flowers can improve their mood.

Gifting is a great way to show your appreciation and support to the people in your life. Make this go further by giving gifts that the new mother in your life will enjoy and think about for a long time to come.