With almost 31 million Americans moving to a new home or apartment annually, real estate is booming across the country. Whether it’s a good friend, family member, or a new neighbor that you want to welcome to your neighborhood, there are many ways to give a housewarming present that the recipient will appreciate. Here are some easy-to-make gifts that you can give someone who is moving into a new home.

Gift Basket

Simple gifts of functional items are often some of the most cherished because they can be used often in the days after your friend moves in. You can put together a simple gift basket that includes an assortment of things your friends will appreciate, such as:

  • Easy to eat snacks like nuts, dried berries, or popcorn to munch on while unpacking boxes or fresh fruits that can be used to make a healthy smoothie. Often when people move home they are stuck eating takeout and unhealthy convenience food for the first few days. Having healthy choices on hand will make it easier for them to make better choices when they get hungry.
  • A bottle of wine or spirits with a bottle opener and disposable plastic wine glasses for a smaller budget, or fancy reusable glasses the recipient can keep if you have a bit more to spend. They can use these to toast to their first night in the new home or keep them on hand in case of unexpected visitors stopping by to see the new place.
  • Dish towels, trivets, or oven mitts can be hard to find when unpacking, and necessary from day one in the new home. You can roll or fold these items to fit the open spaces between breakable items within the basket so nothing breaks during transport.

Plant or Floral Arrangement

It’s no surprise that nearly 99% of people say that a person who gives flowers is thoughtful. Whether you send an expensive floral arrangement or cut fresh blooms from your garden, the impact it makes on the recipient is the same. Each time they see the flowers or smell the aroma, they’ll think of you and how considerate you are. A small plant like a succulent or cactus can be budget-friendly and easy for the recipient to find a place for. Use a hot glue gun to attach a pretty ribbon or piece of lace around the outside of the pot and make it more unique.

Relaxation Items

Moving home is a stressful process, so including some items to help your friend or family member relax is a good way to help them decompress. You can put bubble bath solution, candles, herbal tea, and face masks for an at-home spa day, or an adult coloring book with colored pencils so they can do some art therapy in the comfiest spot in the new home.

More than 40% of home sellers in the US who used a real estate agent found their agents through a referral by friends or family, and 26% used the agent they previously worked with to buy or sell a home. This means you’re likely to know someone who has alerted you of their intention to move homes, and chances are you’ll need to give that person or family a housewarming gift soon.