dry brittle hair

What Causes Dry, Brittle Hair?

The first step which must be taken prior to curing dry, brittle hair is determining what is causing the dryness and brittleness. There are a few different causes of dry, brittle hair. Some of the most common causes of dry, brittle hair are: lack of conditioner and using styling tools, such as curling irons and straighteners, too often. Once the specific cause of the individual’s dry hair problem has been identified, they can then proceed to correcting the issue.

Tips for Managing Dry, Brittle Hair

One tip for managing dry, brittle hair is to use a good conditioner at least twice a week. You may have to try a few different conditioners before finding the best one for your hair type. When using the conditioner, be sure to adequately cover all portions of the hair and leave it on for a few minutes. This will ensure that all strands are covered and the conditioner will do the best job possible.

Another tip for managing dry hair is to be aware of how often styling tools are used. Since curling irons and straighteners will damage the hair due to the high heat of the products if used too often, it is important to only utilize these tools when necessary. Also, if you must use a curling iron or straightening comb on a frequent basis, turn the heat down to a low setting so the heat of the item is not too extreme.

Lastly, try using a hair products that specifically targets dry hair. Items such as gels, mousses and sprays which promise to help control dry, brittle hair may work for an individual experiencing such a problem. A leave in moisturizer may also help because it rejuvenates hair strands which helps them appear more healthy and less unruly.