Acai berry

It doesn’t take much to realize how incredibly popular the Acai berry is becoming with regards to promoting optimal health.  All you need to do is pick up a copy of a local health magazine or turn online and have a look at some of the top health promoting foods to see that this one tops the list.

The Acai berry offers numerous health benefits over many of the other fruit choices that you could be making so you should definitely find a place for them in your regular diet plan.  This isn’t to say other fruits aren’t healthy options, as they are, but if you really want to take things up a level, be sure to consider the Acai berry as well.

Let’s have a look at what the Acai berry has to offer.

Essential fatty acids

One factor that really makes the Acai berry stand out from all the rest is the fact that it’s a very rich source of essential fatty acids.  Most fruits are completely devoid of fat content but the Acai berry goes against the norm.

Essentially fatty acids are critical for health maintenance and will help to fend off health risks such as heart disease and insulin resistance.  Most people don’t take in enough in their daily diet, so the Acai berry can help you out with this.

Powerful antioxidants

The second big benefit that you’ll see from the Acai berry is a very high level of antioxidant support.  Antioxidants are important for helping to ward off disease as they help the body combat against any free radical damage that’s taking place.

Each and every day you are constantly exposed to a variety of toxins in the environment and with plenty of antioxidants in the diet, you can help prevent dangerous side effects from developing.

Contains anthocyanins

Finally, a last major benefit that this berry has to offer is that it’s rich in anthocyanins, which are going to go a long way to promote heart health.  This is the same compound that is found in red wine that gives it its heart health promoting benefits only the compound is found in a much higher concentration in the Acai berry.

For that reason, anyone who is worried about their heart health would be very well served by incorporating the Acai berry into their diet plan.

So if you haven’t had the chance to start adding Acai berries into your diet, now would be a good time to do so.

How to make an Acai bowl

An Acai bowl is essentially a really thick Acai smoothie topped with oatmeal, fruit or nuts (almonds).