If you’re looking for a new vegetable to add into your diet plan, one such vegetable that often gets overlooked by many people is cabbage.  Whether you want to add this to soups, bone broth, stir-fries, chopped into your usual salad, or make coleslaw or cabbage rolls with it, this vegetable will promote a healthier eating habit.

Interestingly, red cabbage offers even more health benefits than regular green cabbage does, so be sure that you don’t overlook this variety as well.

Let’s have a look at the key health promoting benefits cabbage can provide you with.

Cancer Protection

One of the most powerful benefits that cabbage will provide you with is a very high level of cancer protection.  The main reasons that you’ll see these benefits are because it’s incredibly rich in antioxidants, it also helps to reduce and prevent inflammation in the body, and because it’s high in a certain molecule known as glucosinolates, which turn into isothiocyanate compounds in the body.  These are especially useful in preventing bladder, breast, colon, and prostate cancer development.

Keeps Your Digestive System Healthy

The next big benefit that cabbage offers is that it will keep your digestive system functioning optimally.  It’s going to enhance the health of all the intestinal linings as well as help to regulate the bacteria that occur naturally in the digestive that aid with the breakdown of food.

Provide Cardiovascular Support

Eating cabbage regularly will go a long way towards promoting a healthy cardiovascular system as the fiber found in the cabbage will bind with some of the bile acids found in the intestine and ensure that they pass out with your bile movements, rather than being reabsorbed into the fat that they have just finished breaking down.

As these bile acids are passed through the body rather than being absorbed the body will have to replenish them from another source – namely, your stored cholesterol.  As a result of this, your total cholesterol moves down, putting you in a healthier state. So don’t forget to include this vegetable regularly with your diet plan.  With so many ways to prepare it, you’re sure to find one that you will enjoy.