One of the most common ways to boost the flavor of your foods without adding any additional fat or calories is through the use of garlic.  Garlic can be eaten in a number of ways including crushed, chopped, or in powder form, creating an endless opportunities to incorporate this into your day.

Let’s have a quick look at all the potential health benefits that garlic has to offer.

Improves Iron Metabolism

Iron is one of the key minerals that’s needed by the body to keep your red blood cells functioning properly and ensure that you maintain your energy levels.  Many people do run short on their iron intake from the diet but garlic will help to improve the rate of iron metabolism. 

This can mean that you’ll see greater benefits from the iron that you do take in so you feel better and more energized on a daily basis.

Promotes Good Cardiovascular Health

The second of the big benefits that garlic has to offer is that it will go a long way towards enhancing your cardiovascular system.  By consuming garlic regularly as a part of your diet you can help to lower the level of blood triglycerides in the body and thus improve your overall blood cholesterol profile.

In addition to that, garlic can help to protect the blood cells and blood vessels from inflammatory stress thus decreasing the risk of heart attack or atherosclerosis.

Reduces Inflammation

If you take in garlic on a regular basis you can also help to reduce the overall level of inflammation present in the body, not just surrounding the cardiovascular system but also in the musculoskeletal system as well as along the respiratory track.

This will really help to promote optimal health development and help keep you feeling your best.

Cancer Lowering Effects

Finally, if you really up your consumption of garlic you can also offer the body potent cancer fighting protection, but do note that this is only seen in the highest of garlic consumers.

Adding garlic a couple of times per week likely won’t be enough to reap these benefits so if you’re interested in using it to help fight cancer, find a way to incorporate it daily into your diet.

So there you have some key information to know about garlic.  While it may not make your breath smell all that pleasant, it definitely will help to improve the health of the entire body.