Regardless of whether you’re on a fat loss diet or just looking to improve your health through good nutrition, broccoli should definitely be on your menu.  Broccoli is very low in calories with less than 40 per cup serving and it also helps lower levels of bad cholesterol, helps eliminate waste products, and lowers cancer risk.

Steamed broccoli helps lower bad cholesterol 

One very interesting fact about broccoli is that the way you serve it up on your plate can actually influence the nutritional benefits it’s going to provide you. Steaming broccoli causes the fiber molecules in the broccoli to bind together in a way that’s especially effective for reducing high cholesterol levels.

You’ll still see some noticeable improvements in your cholesterol by eating broccoli prepared in other ways, but to really reap the maximal rewards, try steaming it instead.

Helps with the elimination of wastes

As time goes on, the body accumulates more and more waste inside of it and unless you’re taking an active effort to do cleanses or detox’s regularly, this can eventually build-up and cause health concerns.

Fortunately, broccoli contains three special phytonutrients that are very useful in the body’s natural detoxifying process so just by eating it you’ll naturally get the waste-removal benefits it has to offer.

This can go a long way towards boosting your energy levels and helping you feel much healthier on a daily basis.

Protects against cancer

Broccoli helps lower the risk of developing cancer.   Broccoli is filled with nutrients that will help to combat against inflammation as well as oxidative stress, two of the leading causes of cancer development.

By eating broccoli regularly you can put up a strong defense against these health issues and decrease your risk of developing this devastating disease.

Broccoli for breathing

Our life expectance is directly proportional to our lung capacity. For the majority of people living in or near metropolitan areas, traffic and secondhand smoke vastly accelerates loss of breathing capacity and increase the incidence of lung cancer. Antioxidant-rich vegetables such as broccoli can help mitigate these effects.

So there you have some key health benefits of broccoli.  It’s also a highly versatile vegetable that can be consumed in a number of different ways so there’s no reason to not include it in your diet plan.