butternut squash

Let’s look at some of the top health benefits that butternut squash will provide.

Promotes heart health with fiber

Compared to other carb sources such as pasta or white rice, butternut squash is far higher in dietary fiber, which will work in the body to help bring down your total cholesterol levels.  Getting enough fiber on a regular basis is essential to maintain a healthy digestive system so by adding this at your dinner meal you’ll quickly accomplish this goal.

Improves nerve functioning

Another big benefit that butternut squash provides is that since it is a rich source of vitamin B6, it’ll help keep your central nervous system functioning optimally.

Protects against heart disease

Another benefit to your heart health, butternut squash is very rich in carotenoids, which will help to protect against heart disease.  When you combine this with the cholesterol lowering ability of dietary fiber you really have a powerful combination that can’t be beat.

Reduces inflammation

Finally, due to the antioxidant combinations that butternut squash provides, it also will work to reduce the overall inflammation level in the body.  Anyone who is suffering from arthritis related conditions will reap big benefits from including squash in their diet regularly.

Ways to eat butternut squash
  • Spiralized (as a pasta substitute)
    • To spiralize butternut squash, cut it in half (vertical), scoop out the seeds, then use the thickest noodle setting on your spiralizer. Then cut ‘noodles’ into pieces of 6 inches.
  • Bake
    • Cut in half, remove seeds, cover with foil paper and bake on pan lined with foil
    • Cut in thin slices like potato chips and bake on pan lined with foil
    • Cut in half, remove seeds, and stuff with your favorite stuffing. Then cover with foil paper and bank on a pan lined with foil
  • Roast
    • Peel and dice the squash
      • Toss the diced pieces with olive oil, honey (we like buckwheat honey) and cinnamon and roast at 400 F for 35 to 40 minutes.
  • Add to soups
    • Cubed pieces will provide a little sweetness to chicken soup.

So don’t pass up butternut squash again for potatoes or some other side dish.  Start making an effort to eat this more regularly as part of your weekly diet menu.