In your quest for optimal health, one particular food that you can’t be sure to include regularly are figs.  Figs are a great source of a number of nutrients and can be eaten alone or integrated into another dish that you’re preparing.

Let’s quickly take a look at some of the top health benefits you’ll receive from including figs in your day.

Lower Blood Pressure

One of the top nutrients that are found in figs is potassium, which is going to play a key role in helping you maintain proper blood pressure levels.  Those who do not take enough potassium rich foods in their diet and who also consume too much sodium throughout the day are at a very high risk of experiencing high blood pressure which could then lead to other health concerns.

Increases Fiber Intake

Another important nutrient found in figs is dietary fiber.  By eating figs daily you can increase your level of fiber consumption which is key for helping to fight weight gain.

By adding more fiber to your day you’ll find you feel fuller between meals and will be less tempted to overeat or snack on foods you shouldn’t.

Since this food is naturally quite sweet as well, it can be the perfect way to satisfy any sweet craving you’re experiencing.

Helps Boost Bone Density

Calcium is a mineral that many people do not get enough of on a daily basis, but by adding figs to your diet, you can overcome this.  In an eight ounce serving of figs you’re going to take in 79 milligrams of calcium total, which will definitely move you closer to reaching your needs.

If you still aren’t eating much dairy products in addition to this however, then you should also consider an added calcium supplement in addition to the figs to round out your intake.

Boosts Vision

Finally, the combination of vitamin A, C, and E found in figs will help to improve your eyesight and prevent against vision loss.  Those who include fruit in their diet on a daily basis tend to have lower rates of the development of macular degeneration so if you want top level eye protection, start snacking on these regularly.

So there you have the top health benefits that figs have to offer.  As a simple and tasty treat, they’ll definitely help promote optimal health.