If you’re someone who is looking for a great way to add more nutrition to your diet, adding lentils to your meals is a very good way to go about doing this.  Far too many people completely forget about the health benefits that lentils have to offer and instead opt for either beans or another form of carbohydrate entirely.

Let’s take a look at the top reasons to add lentils back in your diet so you can see just how powerful this food really is.

The High Fiber Punch

The very first reason why you should consider adding more lentils to your diet is because of the large dose of fiber they contain.  This fiber is going to help to smooth out the passage of food through the system and help to ward off digestive disorders as well.

High fiber foods tend to be more filling after eating them so you’ll also often find that you’re far less hungry after a meal high in fiber.  If you’re looking for fat loss, this is a huge advantage.

Lower Heart Disease Risk

The second big reason to consider including lentils in your regular diet is because it will go a long way towards reducing your heart disease risk.  This is not only due to the high fiber nature of lentils but also due to the fact that they pack in a high amount of folate and magnesium as well.  This will cause the veins and arteries to become more relaxed, therefore improving the rate of blood flow throughout the body.

Stable Source Of Energy

The really nice thing about lentils are that they will provide a very long-term source of energy from the carbohydrates they provide but due to the high amount of dietary fiber they also contain, you won’t get that energy spike followed by drop that you otherwise would.

If you’re regularly eating other carbohydrate sources such as pasta or boiled white potatoes, you likely do find that you feel great for a while after eating them but then crash hard afterwards.

With lentils, this won’t happen any longer.  Instead, you’ll maintain your energy level on an even keel.

Packs In A Good Dose Of Iron

Finally, the last reason to include lentils in your diet is because they’ll be a terrific source of iron.  Many people who are watching their weight and not consuming enough iron-rich foods (women in particular) will fall low in their iron intake and this can wreak havoc on their energy levels.

By getting more iron in regularly with foods such as lentils, you’ll help restore your energy and help to prevent fatigue during exercise.

So if it’s been a while since you’ve added lentils to one of your meals, today is the day to do so.