If someone says the word ‘pumpkin’ to you, do you automatically think of pumpkin pie? If you’re like most people you likely do.  While pumpkin in pumpkin pie is often avoided due to the high calorie and fat content that this dish has to offer, you’d be making a serious mistake by eliminating all pumpkin from your diet as there are actually a number of healthy benefits this food has to offer.

Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know about pumpkin.

Immune System Boost

The first benefit you’ll get from including pumpkin in your daily diet is a very nice boost to the immune system. This food is very rich in vitamin A which is essential for immune system support so by eating it regularly you can help decrease your chances of catching the common cold or just feeling generally run-down and tired.

Reverses Skin Damage

Another nutrient that pumpkin is rich in is beta-carotene and this nutrient can help to reverse the damage of the sun on your skin if you’re often out and about.  Skin cancer is becoming more prevalent in our society today as fewer people are taking the time to use proper sun protection on days when the sun isn’t shining incredibly brightly so by eating pumpkin in your diet you can at least hep ward off some of this damage.

Slows The Process Of Aging

If you’re someone who’s worried about the hands of time, you’ll definitely want to be including pumpkin in your usual diet.  Pumpkin contains a high dose of alpha-carotene, which can then help to reverse the aging process and keep your skin looking healthy.

Alpha-carotene will also help to prevent the growth of tumors as well as help lower the chance of cataract development, providing two more reasons to get this into your day.

Rich Source Of Fiber

If you’re trying to get up your daily intake of fiber, pumpkin can help you accomplish this in no time.  Each one-half cup serving will pack in five grams of fiber total, which will help to promote better cholesterol levels, feelings of fullness, and help to control your blood glucose levels.

Many people are falling short in their fiber intakes today so that’s one benefit that you won’t want to look over.

So there you have the top reasons why you should start eating pumpkin regularly.  Try and find new and creative ways to add it to your diet without having to eat it as a high-calorie pie.