One food that you definitely should be adding to your diet on a regular basis is quinoa.  If you’re like most people, you’re slightly tentative about eating carbohydrates with your meal plan.  Carbs have gotten a bad rap for being the leading cause of weight gain but it’s important to understand that if you choose the best sources, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Quinoa is one of the best carbohydrates to have in your diet plan so let’s take a quick look at what this is all about.

Substitute For Brown Rice

Tired of eating brown rice day after day after day?  Quinoa is the best substitute to add right in instead. It can be eaten with just about any meal that you would normally have brown rice with and also contains about the same calories.

Complete Source Of Protein

One big difference that sets quinoa apart from brown rice however is the fact that it’s a complete source of protein.  This means that it’s the perfect option for those who are vegetarians who struggle to get in enough protein or anyone else who just doesn’t consume a lot of protein rich foods throughout the day.

It will provide you with the complete spectrum of amino acids so you can feel confident that you’re providing your body with everything it needs.

Relieves Headaches

Quinoa is an excellent source of magnesium for the body and this can be a powerful reliever of headaches for those who are suffering.  Because the mineral helps the blood vessels to relax, this prevents the constriction of blood flow getting to the brain and reduces the pain significantly.

It can also help those who suffer from migraines, so if that’s your situation, you’ll definitely want to get this food in.

Provides Antioxidant Support

Finally, quinoa is also important for providing antioxidant support in the body. It contains a good dose of copper as well as manganese, which are two minerals that work to help reduce the oxidative damage that occur to the body cells.

So next time you’re in the mood for something different and don’t feel like another side dish of brown rice, try quinoa instead.  As long as you keep your portion size under control, you can’t go wrong with this food.